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Publishers 2015

The 4th Annual Book ‘Em North Carolina event took place on Saturday, February 28, 2015.

It included a full day of panel discussions and talks for aspiring authors or published authors who want to learn more about the publishing business or how to improve their craft. It included traditional publishers, a hybrid publisher, and Indie publishers.


In existence since 2004, Alabaster Book Publishing is an independent publisher. We never forget that your book is the product of a creative mind and significant writing effort. We are committed to helping you achieve your dream of being published.

The book publishing industry is going through a revolutionary change. More authors are choosing alternative methods to seeing their books in print and enjoying the benefits that accrue. Alabaster is on the cutting edge of this change. We accept a variety of genre, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction, Memoirs and poetry. The company is owned by David L. Shaffer and Dixie Land Jakubsen.

When you publish with Alabaster, you retain all rights to your book, have greater input on the design process, experience shorter wait times for the finished product, realize far greater profits, know that your books will never go out of print, and benefit from the personal attention we give to our authors. The fee for our turnkey service includes all necessary components of putting your book together, obtaining proof and production copies, and placing your book into national distribution.


comfort_logocomfort_2Comfort Publishing’s books span a wide range of categories, from science fiction and fantasy to non-fiction biographies and suspense. We work with new and seasoned authors in an effort to bring their stories and ideas to fruition, while maintaining the integrity of the publishing industry’s standards of excellence.

Since launching in 2008, Comfort Publishing has received numerous awards and accolades, including 2009 and 2010 Bronze IPPY awards,2011, Silver IPPY award a 2009 USA News Best Book Finalist award, a 2010 and 2011 ForeWord Magazine “Book of the Year” nominations, 2011 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist, 2011 MIPS “Book of the Year” nomination and a P&E.com 2010 “Book of the Year” reader’s choice award.

Comfort has also been a regular exhibitor at the Book Expo America and recently exhibited at the 2011 International Christian Retailers Convention. For more information, visit the Comfort Publishing website at www.comfortpublishing.com.



Second Wind Publishing is the most rapidly growing traditional publisher in the Southeast. We accept submissions from authors of general fiction, romance, crime/mystery, science-fiction, women’s interest, young adult, children’s books, action-adventure, non-fiction, and more. In 2014, Second Wind will bring approximately 100 books into print and digital formats. The individual attention we give all submissions sets Second Wind apart from all other publishers.

Second Wind authors have been recognized by regional and national organizations for romance, thriller, mainstream, and mid-grade books.


wb_logoW & B Publishers is a mid-sized, standard, royalty-paying publisher with offices in New Jersey and North Carolina. We pay advances to seasoned authors and token advances to new authors. We publish all genre, both print and digital (ebook) and our titles are available from Amazon, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble and independent bookstores throughout the world through distribution by Baker and Taylor and Ingram Books. While we offer a series of non-fiction, most of our publications are in the fiction field: crime thrillers, romance, action adventure, young adult.

At this time we do not publish poetry. We do not publish erotica. Also, at present, we are publishing a minimum number of children’s books, only those we find exceptional.

We encourage interested readers to examine of our website at www.a-argusbooks.com. Writers wishing to submit manuscripts will find submission directions on our website.

Next event date: Saturday, February 27, 2021
Time: 9:30am-4pm
Location: Lumberton, NC Robeson Community College

Email: bookemnc@robeson.edu