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Jane Pait

author Jane PaitJane Pait’s The Red-Headed Angel is about BK, the Red-Headed Angel, is an audacious and capricious little cherub who, though childishly innocent, is able to get into trouble on the first day of her creation. Her adventures lead her to an understanding of the tender and loving heart of God and His desire for our obedience and patience. Look for more adventures of BK, the red-headed angel, in the near future. Her second book The Star of David: A Space for Everyone was released in February of 2014.  This is a unique story about the birth of the Christmas Star.  It uses the concept of the planets selfishly vying with one another to announce the birth of Jesus to teach children their unique importance in the scope of life. 

Her many award and honors include first place for the Mary Livermore Library Friends of the Library Prose Writing Contest for the student division in 2010, first place in the Tri-County English Alliance Fair for the special effects division in 2002, and first place in the Tri-County English Alliance Fair for the literary criticism division in 2001.

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