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Harriet Hill & H’yoanh Buonya

Harriet Tomlinson Hill, a naïve of Alabama, has lived in Raleigh over 50 years with her husband, Jim. Two sons and their families reside in the same area. She earned a Bachelor of Music from Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC; has done extensive volunteer work in her community and is the author of two books.  She spent over three years collaborating with her co-author, H’Yoanh Buonya, to write “Escaping Viet Nam — H’Yoanh’s Story”, a narrative that underscores the cost of freedom.  Mrs. Hill’s second book, “For the Love of Robert”, relates the account of their third son’s tragic fatal accident and provides insight into the power of spiritual strength and family closeness.

H’Yoanh Ksor Buonya and her husband. Y’Jim, (both naturalized citizens) were brought to the United States from Viet Nam in 1986 by Lutheran Family Services and our Special Forces.  They were settled in Raleigh, NC.  Since 1990, they have lived in their Habitat for Humanity house and have raised five children, all college educated. Her riveting memoir recounts her journey with other Montagnards into the Central Highlands of Viet Nam to escape persecution by the North Vietnamese Communists.  It was 1975, after Saigon fell, and she was 16-years-old. For 11 years, they encountered danger, starvation and death. H’Yoanh’s determination, defiance and deliverance are testaments to her faith.

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